What’s a “techie”? | Seth’s Blog

A friend’s email said, “I know many of my readers aren’t techies and you’re thinking of putting this newsletter aside…”

We should get clear about what we’re talking about when we say “techie.”

I’m going to argue that involves a combination of two things:

  1. You give technology the benefit of the doubt. You assume that it’s interesting, or perhaps benign or even useful.
  2. You’re interested in what’s new. You don’t need to be pushed to ask about the next tech thing.

But someone who says, “I’m not a techie” might actually be saying, “I’m willfully uninformed.” They might be saying, “I don’t give tech the benefit of the doubt and it’s uncomfortable for me to keep up with it… but by giving into those feelings, I’m intentionally falling behind.”

Some people go for a run even when they don’t feel like it, because they realize that keeping fit is part of the deal. Some go to the opera or a blues club or expose themselves to culture that isn’t an easy fit, because they know it makes them more useful, more interesting or simply more alive.

I think we’ve long passed the point where an active professional can simply choose to not understand how tech works.

You’re a user or you’re being used. Best to know which.

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