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Questions people ask themselves when looking at a web page aimed at businesses (B2B). They are rhetorical, but should give you a place to begin:

Is it my job to deal with this?

Who sent me here?

Will this advance my project?

Will it help me get ahead if I take action?

If I ignore this, will I fall behind?

What are the promises being made?

Are they achievable–promises that break the laws of physics or contradict my experience are hard to believe.

Why should I trust this person?

What are the clues that lead me to want to believe this?

What are the clues that lead me to doubt it?

–These could include: Design, testimonials, page responsiveness, typos, clarity of language, urgency of presentation, credentials, domain knowledge…

How easy is it to take the next step? What will happen if I don’t?

And the biggest one, the one that is so easily ignored: What will I tell my boss?

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