Should your brand be on Threads? What to Consider Before Signing Up

Threads launched in the summer of 2023 and was almost immediately dubbed the “Twitter Killer” and was projected to be a strong competitor to the newly named X (formerly Twitter).

All the hype at the start of Meta’s newest property may have you wondering, “Should my business use Threads?”

Social media apps come and go, plus time is precious in the marketing world, so you’re probably hesitant to try expanding your brand on such a new platform.

Here are some benefits and concerns surrounding Threads to provide clarity and help you make the decision that best aligns with your business.

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Pros & Cons of Instagram’s Threads

There are benefits to having a Threads account for your business. However, the platform is still very new and has some drawbacks.

Pros of Threads

Instant Following

Since Threads connects to your Instagram account, your followers from Instagram are transferred to Threads — so long as they have their accounts.

The feature makes building a large platform on the app easier because you won’t have to start from scratch.

Your verification badge, profile photo, and bio are all transferred to your account, making consistent branding between platforms simple.

Increased Awareness and Engagement

Threads is still in its infancy. As I’m writing this article, Threads has only been available for less than three months. There is typically a first-mover advantage brands benefit from when signing up for newer platforms.

Leveraging a new platform sooner rather than later will allow your business to establish strong brand recognition and following before algorithms change and brand engagement opportunities are put behind a paywall.

Chance to Reach a Younger Audience

If you‘re looking to attract a Gen-Z audience, Threads will help you toward your goal.

Right now, there isn’t much information to cite regarding the platform’s user demographic, but 40.1% of Gen-Zers who downloaded the app did so because it looks fun, according to Statista.

Around 38% said they downloaded it to try a new platform, and 1 in 5 said they were looking for an alternative to X.

There is little data about how many Gen Z social media users are on Threads, but they are there and have an interest in the app.

Since Threads is relatively new, you can build a longstanding relationship with Gen Z on the platform before future changes make engagement more difficult.

Cons of Threads

Can’t Delete Threads

Well, you can delete Threads, but not without deleting your Instagram account — so you wouldn‘t be able to delete Threads without seriously harming your brand’s social media presence.

This is especially troublesome if you rely on eCommerce tools like Instagram Shopping.

Lack of Some Discoverability Features

Threads recently rolled out a keyword search feature, allowing users to find posts featuring the words in their queries.

However, Instagram Threads still does not support hashtags, so they can’t be used to help you find your target audience or for your audience to find your brand.

Threads also doesn’t have a Discovery page like Instagram, which would show content from accounts you may not follow but would be interested in.

The absence of crucial discovery features could make growing your audience or tapping into new ones difficult.

Fortunately, Threads is constantly rolling out new updates to make the platform more user-friendly and functional for consumers and brands.

Can’t Track Impressions or Engagement

Unlike Instagram, X, Facebook, or other social media sites, Threads does have any tools to track KPIs like engagement rate, impressions, watch times, etc.

While you can see post likes, replies, and comments, tracking your brand’s performance and ROI on the platform is difficult.

As a result, you may have issues figuring out what kind of content resonates the most with your followers.

App Seems to be Losing Steam

Within a day of its launch, Threads gained 30 million users, making it the fastest-growing platform in history — surpassing ChatGPT. A month later, Threads user count dipped by 82% from launch.

Our recent Glimpse survey regarding Threads and X found that 62% of X users have used the app for at least an hour since July 2023. Only 21% said the same about Threads.

Furthermore, as of August 1, Threads’ average time spent on the app fell to just 2.9 minutes daily. Unfortunately, data shows Threads’ daily active user count continues to fall by about 1% per day.

Should your brand be on Threads?

So, should your brand leverage Threads? My answer — why not?

Yes, the platform struggles to keep momentum and still needs certain discoverability and data-tracking features.

However, its integration with Instagram still provides plenty of opportunities for your brand to expand on social media, build community, and boost awareness.

Threads is especially beneficial if you already have an Instagram account.

As I said, the app immediately imports your followers, profile photo, verification badge, and bio to your Threads account — giving you a head start in growing your platform.

If you want the limited chance to be among the first brands to build a strong community on an upcoming platform, then Threads could be right for you.

However, if building community on social media is not a priority, the app doesn’t have to be a priority right now.

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