Harnessing Generative AI for SEO and Content Success – Whiteboard Friday

The last step is scrutinize. So this is the review period. What’s really exciting is there is a very near future where GPT is gonna be able to do this step for us. For now, what we’re gonna focus on is the who, the what, and the how. And so, first of all, who should review it? When you’re initially building out this framework, you should be having anybody review it who has a stake in the final output. And so that could be SEOs, that could be subject matter experts, product managers, or anybody who wants the best possible output for this work product.

The next step is gonna be the what. So what exactly are you reviewing for? You wanna review for everything. You wanna review for grammar, make sure the information is accurate, make sure the brand guidelines are followed, make sure we’ve got the subject matter expertise incorporated, and most importantly, make sure that the output is unique. You can be doing this with a variety of tools and people.

Lastly, how do you do this? Ideally, you just latch this onto your existing acceptance criteria or SOPs in order to create a checklist to run through. The last tip here is any feedback that you identify as part of that review period, you can feed back to step one or step two and make sure that you’re applying that feedback to the framework to make it better for next time.

And so that is the process. That’s PARS, populate, activate, retrieve, and scrutinize. And this is a process, again, that you can use to leverage generative AI for SEO and content in a way that is both safe but also effective. So thank you for spending your time here with me today. For more ideas like this, please follow us on the Seer Newsletter. Thanks.

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