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Every four years, give or take, I make a big but cheap ask:

Consider subscribing to this blog. If you’re already a subscriber, please ask five colleagues or friends to subscribe.

It’s free.

You can subscribe by email by putting your email address in the little box. Click below if you’re reading this in an email, then enter your email and then hit the sign up button:

Your email is respected, never shared, rented, sold or spammed.

Even better, consider RSS. It’s easier than you think, and it saves a ton of time and avoids Google’s evil filters.

Over the years, millions of people have subscribed to this blog, and that’s who I write it for. Entropy plus monopoly cause the deliverability to vary over time, so once in a while I ask you to share the blog and subscribe. As long as they’re useful, blogs aren’t dead.

It’s appreciated. Thank you.

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