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One of the spokespeople for the new milk marketing campaign confessed that she doesn’t really like drinking milk. Sales are way down, and an entire generation is drinking other beverages.

Other than the people who are paid to sell or lobby for milk sales, few people are concerned. Milk isn’t going away, but it certainly isn’t growing.

Marketing isn’t the act of getting people to buy what you’re paid to sell them. Good marketing is the craft of understanding what people want and need and helping them achieve it.

There’s no need to sign up for the endless uphill battle of marketing against a positive trend. Sell something you believe in, to people who are eager to believe in it as well.

You’ll do your best work on behalf of an audience and a cause that deserves it, appreciates it and applauds it. If it’s just a job, you’ve sacrificed your best energy for a paycheck.

Pick your client, pick your future.

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