Bottom of the funnel | Seth’s Blog

It’s easy to get focused on the public-facing mouth of the funnel.

More followers.

More impressions.

More buzz, hype, promotion. Get the word out.

Just about all the time people who call themselves “marketers” spend is on this. Don’t worry about what happens later, just pour more attention into the top.

But the math is simple:

Most of the people at the top leave long before they engage, buy or spread the word.

Which means that doubling your conversion is exactly the same as doubling the number of people who are aware of you.

It means that by the time you get to 20 people (out of 1,000) who are ready to become committed fans, each of these people is worth fifty times as much effort as you’d put into getting one new stranger to be aware of what you do.

Don’t send a poorly-written mail merge to your best prospects. Send them a handwritten note.

It’s not the bottom of the funnel. It’s the foundation for your future.

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