3 Easy Tactics to Expand Your Reach

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What keeps you up at night? If one of those things is building an email list, you’re not alone, my friend. I spent years (and lost MANY thousands of dollars) procrastinating my own email list, and I know how to get to the other side. My name is Amy, and I’ve made a career out of helping businesses grow their online presence, especially through email marketing.

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To be able to work from anywhere in the world, create my own schedule, and have a career that allows me to do something I love every day would not be possible without the backbone of my business, my email list.

The goal is to nurture your audience and, in time, transform them into loyal fans and customers. Let’s dive a little deeper.

Why You Can’t Afford To Not Have an Email List

Your email list is your direct line of communication to your audience. Social media platforms and algorithms can change overnight, leaving you at their mercy. But your email list? That’s yours.

With your email list, you can reach your people on your terms. You can deliver value, share your offers, and build relationships directly in their inbox. It’s personal, it’s intimate, and it’s a proven way to make money.

Once I focused on growing my email list, my business skyrocketed. I can confidently say an email list enabled me to create the multimillion-dollar business I have today.

I’ve found so much success with email that I created an online course, List Builders Society, to share the same strategies I use and help you accelerate your business growth.

I’ve done a lot of trial and error growing my email list over the years. What I’ve found are three easy list-building strategies you can start using today, starting with something called a lead magnet.

Wait, what’s a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a free resource or special deal offered to customers in exchange for an email address.

It can be a checklist, video series, quiz, or webinar. A lead magnet is any resource that provides value to your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA).

Your lead magnet doesn’t have to be big, it’s simply something to give away for free to attract and grow your audience.

You may already be familiar with lead magnets but might not be sure where to start or know how to create one that leaves your audience wanting more. If that’s you, you might find my episode on How to Create a Profit-Driven Lead Magnet to Boost Sales helpful.

3 Tips for Supercharging Your Email List

Now that you’ve had a refresher on what a lead magnet is, let’s talk about how to grow your email list once it’s started. Here are three tried-and-true strategies you can start leveraging right now to grow and monetize your email list:

1. Harness the power of SEO.

The first strategy involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a powerful tool you can implement to attract the right audience to your website and facilitate email list growth.

SEO may seem daunting, and it can seem like it’s under attack in the age of AI, but I assure you, it’s simpler (and still more valuable) than you might think. Here are a few SEO tips:

  • Identify Relevant Keywords: Start by identifying keywords related to your lead magnet and industry. These are the words your potential subscribers might be searching for.
  • Ubersuggest: Identify relevant keywords by using search tools like Neil Patel’s free Ubersuggest. Input your selected keywords one at a time, and explore the “Keyword Ideas” section to uncover valuable insights.
  • Leverage Keyword Data: Focus on the “Volume” metric, which indicates how frequently a keyword is searched. Aim for keywords with higher search volumes, but don’t ignore other valuable data provided by your tool.
  • Content Optimization: Armed with your list of high-performing keywords, infuse them into your website, blog posts, show notes, and social media content. This not only attracts more visitors but also aligns your content with your ICA.

2. Mingle with Your ICA

The second strategy is to engage with your ICA in Facebook groups or online forums. Your goal should be to offer them support (and when appropriate, using your lead magnet.) This method can be a goldmine for finding and attracting your dream customers, whether you’re still building your email list or looking to expand. Here are a few of my tips for mingling on Facebook:

  • Research Groups: Take the keywords you’ve identified from your SEO research, and use them to discover relevant Facebook groups or forums.
  • Evaluate Group Relevance: Before joining a group, delve into its description to ensure it aligns with your business. Also, assess the group’s activity level and ensure recent and up-to-date posts.
  • Level of Engagement: Pay attention to the level of engagement within the group. Groups with active participation are more likely to yield results.
  • Identify Your ICA: Thoroughly explore group posts and comments to identify members with needs, struggles, or desires that match your ICA. These folks could be your future subscribers.
  • Offer Value First: Before pitching your lead magnet, invest time in these groups to answer questions and provide value. Building trust is essential before promoting your resources.

3. Utilize Pop-Ups on Your Website

Finally, add well-designed pop-ups to your website. I know, I know. There are going to be folks who think pop-ups are annoying. But when implemented correctly, they are amazing growth drivers.

Here’s how to use pop-ups on your website:

  • Set Up Pop-Ups: Use tools like HubSpot’s Lead Capture CTAs to create non-invasive, user-friendly pop-ups that align with your audience’s behaviors.
  • Craft Compelling Pop-Up Content: When designing your pop-up, incorporate enticing language and the keywords you’ve identified through SEO research. Speak directly to your ICA, creating a sense of urgency or curiosity.
  • Consider Pop-Up Placement: Decide between corner pop-ups for subtlety or full-page pop-ups for full attention. Full-page pop-ups work well to capture visitors’ full attention, making them highly effective in growing your email list.

Bonus Strategy: Opt-In Link in Your Email Signature

Here’s a simple but highly effective bonus strategy for you: Add an opt-in link for your lead magnet to your email signature. This tiny change can turn every email conversation into a potential email subscriber. Consider how many emails you send daily or weekly — each one becomes an opportunity to grow your list effortlessly.

Faster Growth with Better Email

Once you incorporate these list-building strategies into your marketing strategy, you should see email list growth and easier sales from your well-nurtured list that can change your business and your life.

I can’t tell you how much growing my email list has changed the game for me. And I know it can be the same for you, my friend!

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